Day 55

Day 55.
Another day of sorting. Ben has been working in the shed. He spent a long time building it and had so many plans for the space and then my mum died and we had stuff. Boxes of China, Christmas decorations and an old tool box I’m pretty sure was my Grandads. We finally found the key and emptied all the dangerous contents. A lot of razor blades. Ben is thinking to restore it for my Dad, if we can get it stateside. Charlie has claimed it as his for now. They spent ages playing with a spanner and then Ben’s lagging. They were calling that noodle fights. They were in the garden most of the day and happy too. Not too much back chat or insanity.
We talked about spiders and drew spider webs. Charlie did some reading and maths but not a lot.
Its now 9.30. Ben and I are reading the governance and typing up a risk assessment. We need to make sure we are doing the right thing and asking clients the right questions.

Day 54

Day 54.
School have sent the busy spider by Eric carle as the topic this week. We read the story and watched a kids program all about spiders which they enjoyed. We did the first lot of painting on the salt dough ornaments. This is a long process as they will all need fully sealing too. I think we will make spiders tomorrow. Charlie did some reading and played some learning games on bite size. He doesn’t want to even read his phonic books now he always says he is tired. So we have to find a fun way to keep it going.
I dont know what that is though.
I dug out the books and flashcards we used when charlie was younger to start Rowan thinking more about language. Shes not a big talker.
If you ask her, what’s your name, she answers I’m a girl. She can say Ro but not Rowan.
Charlie has had night terrors for 4 nights in a row. I’m not sure what the trigger was, they are pretty scary and he paces and shouts a lot.
We still cleaning the house and garden. Charlie has become obsessed with basketball because of high school musical. I’ve seen all three movies now and not feeling the love but can sadly say the first one is the best.
Rowan hasn’t gone to sleep tonight and is sat up watching Labyrinth. Still love this film and it holds up well. Rowan is captivated, plus it has a baby in it
Nothing else to report. Ben and I are constantly reading up on and discussing these new updates. How can my 4 year old be in a classroom with 14 plus people but I cant see my close family who have been isolating. Where are the scientific reports about virus spread amongst children. What about this new inflammatory disease that kids get? No more mention of that.
A lot of questions and now people are ringing Ben with work. Outside taps are okay but still looking for clear guidelines of protocol for working in another home. At first it was as long as in an enclosed room, with no contact and now, all doors have to be open. We need more information. So, it’s a Monday folks the start of a new week. Well that’s what they’d have you think.

Day 50. Pregnancy tests and margaritas.

Day 50.
I took a pregnancy test and celebrated the negative with a margarita. That pretty much sums up the day. Getting my birth control pills since lockdown has been hard. I’ve not missed one but they’ve changed and my body is rebelling but hey they are working. I love being pregnant but I cant do birth. I dont want to have to be in that situation and I dont take for granted my female rights which are hard won and in some cases, impossible.
It was a glorious day and it just got hotter as the day went on. Tomorrow we are going to get the paddling pool out. Wish us luck.
Ben made charlie a basketball hoop and turned thr paper mache, captain america, easter egg into a punching bag. Dont ask. Might not be the best thing. Hes not used it like that, it’s more fun then aggression.
Rowan packed her bag and off she went to the circus, barbie head and all. In my big weekend bag.
Ben’s dad dropped a pallet off so we are going to paint it and plant it up!
I let the kids stay up to clap, they cheer for my cousin Tracey whose a nurse! Not many out tonight and no pots and pans but they loved it.
50 days.
The news says lockdown will be eased in phases.
We’re just here on the sidelines, trying to weigh up what’s best

Day 48. Ants.

Day 48.
The rain was amazing in the night, the wind singing its accompaniment. It was not a day for the BBQ but we are ready for a clear spell now!
It was a lazy sunday of a day. Charlie loves the Carol Voderman maths tests so he did some work on thr laptop.
Kids barely got dressed and wanted to play. They had fun with play dough and they watched classic Disney. Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland.
I’m watching Miss Mao chase some ants in my living room. We are now on the hunt for a infestation. Over and out.

Day 47

Day 47
Series three of Ekaterina is on amazon prime. Ben and I used to watch it on my laptop in bed. Now we have a TV in our living room and Im not stuck to a baby any more. I just love the winter palace and dresses. I’m a sucker for a costume drama and so is Ben so we tend to watch a lot of that together. All my other TV loves I watch when hes not paying attention and even then he usually mocks me.
We have limited tv time in our house, starting today, and no YouTube. Charlie was watching jurassic park and said, look at that ass.
I just looked at him and he said
I saw it on youtube. Seeing as he watches other kids and their parents play with toys. From lego to marvel, I’ve never heard anything like that on there.
They’ve been so crazy we are channeling their energy into toys and playing. They ate all their food today and were asleep by 7ish.
They got to watch half hour each of a show of their choosing, twice. I dont want to say its working, we shall see tomorrow.
School are doing bug week and the hungry Caterpillar book which weve done so doing other stuff here today, The USA
We looked at Texas and West Virgina. I showed them where I lived on South Padre Island and in Houston. We looked at my parents house and Gada’s too. We saw Phil’s truck in the drive and all the sports fields behind their house. The kids looked at photos of the people and talked about how Layla and Liam were brother and sister like them and Charlie said he was so cool and loved all the sport pictures.
Charlie loved Kim’s area, a gorge, endless trees, a big bridge and waterfalls. He spent the longest exploring that one, getting good on the laptop. Hes a hillbilly in the making alright. I told him about tubing when you sit on a rubber doughnut and float down the river. He’s ready!
We talked about living in Texas and the rodeo, baseball and cowboys. Charlie discovered flame covered cowboy boots and fell in love. They inspired the arts and crafts section.
We are still playing sleep ping pong. Charlie waking up then Rowan who comes into our bed and so on over and over again.
Our potatoes are going a bit yellow but carrots doing well. Ben built steps for the playhouse, mainly for Ro, it’s a big step up.
We had a good clean with the kids in competition on video call with their friend. A tidy along. Worked so well 40 mins of random boy, look at me but two cleaned bedrooms.

Day 45

Day 45
3rd weekend we’ve visited Ben’s parents plot. It’s in the middle of nowhere. The kids heard a horse and a woman rider emerged out of the trees, her pink hat bobbing along.
They were all racing and playing fetch. Time to wear them out! I tried to take a picture of the trains going past. The view is great and the birds sing so loudly, it’s really peaceful out there.
Its 9pm now and Ro is drinking fruit tea, eating rich teas,, blowing raspberries and watching Clueless.
Charlie had a night terror but asleep again now.
We get food for the bbq on Tuesday so lets hope it stays clear but warm.
Once my hands get cold they take a long time to warm up.
The pidgeon braved the feeder whilst we were in the garden. The kids loved it.
We tried to watch Solo but they still won’t concentrate and are just maniacs.
They dont stop! Jumping, not listening, doing dangerous tricks, singing loudly, shouting. Hyping each other up, getting higher by the hour and we are crashing. They are sucking our energy and thriving on it.
They are well. They are happy and really that’s the point of all this.
So to Clueless and tomorrow a day in the kitchen with the radio on.

Day 44. Creation

Day 44.
My parents gifted us a BBQ which came today. They live in America so know their stuff! Ben has never had one and seems to think I’m now going to be grilling half a cow.
I’m trying to figure out what stuff I have that’s grill-able.
I want ribs and the kids want burgers and s’mores.
How charlie knows about s’mores is beyond me. I’ve never had one, I think I missed that part when I lived there, too busy partying and being a total idiot.
I know it’s a toasted marshmallow with chocolate and a biscuit but which biscuit?
Ben is in charge of the fire, I’m in charge of the cooking.
I’ve chicken and skewers but no peppers, halloumi but no corn and burgers but no buns.
Its still quite windy so going to see how the weather goes. I dont have a food shop coming until 12th May and then it’s a 80 item limit which sounds a lot but depends what other household items we need.
We didn’t do any schooling today, kids are wild and won’t concentrate. I hope the weather is good tomorrow so we can take them for a run because they have a lot of energy to burn off.
They’ve been in and out of the garden today but it was cold and Ro doesn’t like it.
Ben strung some lights up on their playhouse, just have to paint their bird box and make a Small wind chime.
I thought I woke up with a cold today, sore ears and tingly nose but I’m seem okay now. Its relatively early so we are going to try and finish watching Creation. It’s a film on amazon about Darwin. What he does to those poor pigeons turns my stomach. Watching the conflict between religion and science play out is thought provoking. Has anyone seen it?

Day 43 – I need to catch this up now I’ve got my phone back

Day 43. I’m drinking gin. That is all.
Today was the first day I wished the kids could go to Grannys. Not anything bad just endless chattering, toy carnage and limited personal space.
Charlie has just gone to sleep and its late.
I know we did stuff today like treasure chests, Charlie learning online through school and we gutted our bedroom. I vaguely remember baked falafel and brownies but I refer back to my previous comment.
I am drinking gin and when Ben gets out the shower he will be drinking sloe gin.
Who needs a weekend when every day is a Sunday.

Day 20. The Ark

Day 20
What would get you on the ark? A friend of mine asked me this a while ago and I didn’t have an answer. I wracked my mind trying to think of relevant skills but couldn’t. However, Ben could qualify for a host of his abilities. He can build pretty much anything, he can fix it all. Hes just that handy. Then I thought about all the different hats I wear on a daily basis. Chef, laundress, cleaner, negotiator, counsellor, personal assistant, teacher, disciplinarian, librarian, child catcher, ice cream man, spy and still the list goes on.

Ben is still sick with stomach issues. Its day 9 or 10 I’m thinking tomorrow we might have to ring a Dr. It also means that I’ve done 100% cooking and cleaning and an awful lot of childcare without a break. I can hear chocolate and cheese calling my name but don’t want to ruin all my good work.

Charlie has been so nice today and not his usual combative self which has been a real relief and joy.
Rowan made herself a purple beard to look like Daddy. They did yoga first thing then we spent the day on and off making easter cards. For some we used fingerprints and others a potato. I as always tried to let them do what they want instead of what I want them to do haha

They were playing with the babies a lot and took them on an adventure, even packing a change bag which was sweet. We tried to be in the garden as much as possible but I am still feeling the cold.

Ben covered our veg bed with netting to stop the cats digging up our carrots we dont know if its going to work yet. We have sprouts on our spuds which is exciting. The cherry tree has some blossom which is so nice to see.

The kitten has hit a really annoying phase where its always crying to be let outside and is in everything esp what I am trying to do. Its doing Ben in which makes me laugh. We got a lazer pen and that really helps.

I remembered that I can’t peel boiled eggs which seems like such a simple life skill.

Charlie designed a Easter egg with a pattern for school. We are attempting worksheets little but often and trying to keep him reading as he was doing so well before all of this.

Rowan slept for ages so now she is up having a tea party with the potato heads whilst Ben is trying to put Charlie down upstairs. Kids are like crops you have to keep them in rotation.

Day 19. Hoping for change.

Day 19. If our country doesnt change after this, then there is no hope for us. Brexit doesn’t matter now, division of any kind should be irrelevant. Now is the time to shape real change. After this surely everyone will fight for the NHS? I hope we come together and don’t miss our moment. Okay rant over. I can see a wine and a long rant at the future happening this week!
I’ve been feeling irritated today whether its hormones or not, I don’t know but some days the world rests heavy.

I’ve had to disconnect from the news a touch, stop looking at graphs and reading articles.
Maybe that’s a good thing.

We went for a walk this morning to drop supplies off and have a quick but loud wave through the window. We didn’t see many people but did find some ducks. Its quiet out and Charlie just wanted to run. Rowan was wearing totally inappropriate glittery shoes so was on a go slow. It was nice to have some air but we were glad to get back.

We made pancakes for breakfast and the kids decorated gingerbread and played on their bikes alot.

It was the first day in 8 days Ben didn’t disappear to bed so I smoked them all out of the house by making chutney. The vinegar smell is not well loved so I was able to put some music on and drink a can of cherry coke, all by myself. It was lovely. The smell still lingers and keeps turning Ben’s stomach but I’m not sorry haha

We had carbonara for tea and kids went bed early. They are both tired today so hoping they are happier bunnies tomorrow. I’m planning on doing Easter related crafts this week, Easter cards and anything else google directs me too. I would like to do a simnel cake but might need more ground almonds.

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