Day 17 sugar

Day 17
Well we are almost back to fully functioning humans. Less shit more Smiles.
The kids have spent the day singing, hit me with your best shot! Fire Away, whilst dancing and running backwards and forwards. I wonder if other parents are finding this. Not the singing but the pacing, done in running form. From front door to back door over and over again. I think it annoys Ben but apart from the time Rowan fell flat on her nose ( I was expecting blood but she was fine, will look for black eye tomorrow) it’s been without incident. It’s a way for them to burn off some energy. Maybe cabin fever has started to set in a bit.

I feel like I’ve lost a week. Its crazy that we have been down with a bug for a whole 7 days let alone the fact we are on day 17 of barely leaving the house. The whole not seeing our friends and family is only made better by video calling. Thank god for technology. Charlie and Davi video call and play games on messenger when they are both paying attention at the same time, which is harder than it sounds.

Grannie dropped eggs at the back gate so waved and chatted from afar. Kids are really good and stay well back without being asked.

I let the kids pick a recipe from the kids cookbook which was biscuits. It was supposed to be a piped biscuit but we went with circles. It’s hard not to take over but between them they can measure and pour so I try to let them do all elements. A piping bag is a step too far though. We also made gingerbread which is one we do all the time, but I went for easy with a large cutter.

Our bakery order of pasties and cakes came. Its sugar over load here now. Ben and I braved the pasties but that was a limit.

Kids did colouring, dressing up, played with badges and that damn pillow fort/chair was back In action. Gonna get back to more home school schedule on Monday.

Ben had to put money in bank as its the end of the tax year. Bank had 2 in and 2 out and not much of a que. The pharmacy and co op opposite had long queues so he had to snake carefully between the two. It seemed generally busier out. Ben also laid a few more slabs so getting there.

Kids watched Zootopia which didnt hold their attention for long and Charlie picked High School musical which even he regretted.

Got a Tesco due tomorrow morning so waiting to see what we get. Gonna use the back gate and decontaminate. Maybe we will feel up for wine tomorrow.

Day 16. Music is the answer

I grew up in a house full of music. We would get home from school and the radio would be blasting, usually classical or opera. I used to find it so embarrassing especially if I had a friend over. Their Mums listened to radio 1 and knew how to be trendy.
My mum had a video collection of musicals, everything from Kiss Me Kate, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Carousel, Showboat, Meet me in St Louis, An American in Paris and Oklahoma. Two of my faves were The Slipper and the Rose and A Chorus line, though Mum hated that version, she had seen better of course. I believe we had every one ever written. My sister and I knew most of the dance moves from the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers films, even the black and white ones. I particularly liked Flying down to Rio but Top Hat was always much loved. Mum would take us to the symphony, the concert hall, the ballet and the theatre, trying to replicate a touch of her childhood. Leah would always fall asleep but not me, music gives me goosebumps.

I’ve usually got the radio on at home sometimes absolute radio playing oasis or Bowie, other times I tell Alexa what to play. The kids have been subjected to Stevie Knicks, Janis Joplin, Queen, Abba and Tracy Chapman. Charlie likes to pay 80s pop and disco. Ben of course prefers bands like The Cult, Nick Cave and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, he doesnt listen to music like he used to though he did have on some whalesong for the kids the other day. He often mocks my jazz hands upbringing!

So, I’ve decided to watch all of the musicals with the kids though it’s a more modern start. We’ve watched the Pitch Perfect trilogy, Sister Act, Mary Poppins and Rock of Ages. As soon as Charlie heard Russel Brand he yelled out That’s the Easter Bunny, hes my favourite.
These films are not the classics I grew up on but I’m going to work my way through my subscriptions rooting out all the musical numbers. I dont have to make the kids watch as soon as there is singing and dancing, they’re mesmerised.

Today Ben and I have felt stronger but still have a stomachache, the kids now also have sore tums. A lot of fart incidents they found funnier than we did. We’ve stripped beds, deep cleaned bathroom and done laundry. Kids mostly naked all day making a fort out of a chair and pillows. They watched lilo and stitch for the first time. I made a sourdough loaf and homemade air fried chips to go with fish for dinner. Kids ate more than we did. We tried a cup of tea with lunch and neither of us could drink it. I cracked open my only bottle of fizzy water which also reminds me of my Mum. She lived on the stuff, its funny how these things re-emerge. A year on at this challenging time when I would want to talk to her most. She could cook something up out of nothing and had the best advice. Yet, it’s a relief too. Thats shes not here for this. The worry would have been unimaginable.

Charlie went down easily but Rowan up demanding, my program, my turn, watch telly, barbie. 2 episodes and it’s off but seeing as Charlie dominates cartoon time, I’ll let her. Tomorrow on day 6 of this bug I’m hoping we feel a lot better.

Day 15. Trees in bloom.

Day 15
Ben and I are still generally weak and sick. Ben had to get up and go to a plumbing emergency this morning. A old couple had no hot water or heating and were self isolating. Ben was able to diagnose what part the boiler needed and get in and out with limited exposure. He had to ring the plumbing merchant and get a time slot to pick up the part from a distance. Besides that hes just stayed in bed and I’ve been on the frontline with the kiddos.

We’ve basically done nothing today. Charlie woke me up to show me he had found the star wars plasters that Granny had given us. They were hidden on top of the fridge freezer clearly reachable with a chair. Otherwise today they have been so busy playing with all their toys, read, emptied every toy bucket and ransacked all the beds but they’re happy. Dancing to music and singing baby shark a lot.

The garden is starting to burst into bloom which is lovely to see. The trees we saved from my Mums have small buds on them. We let the kitten out there under supervision and she now permanently howls at the back door so thats fun!

My sour dough starter was on day 6 so attempting to make a loaf today. It’s now in for its 2nd prove and doesn’t seem to be doing much.

It’s the third night I’ve not cooked but the kids liked the spaghetti hoops haha. I’ve not stayed up past 9 for days and thats my plan for tonight too!

Day 14. Still under the weather.

Day 14
Today was a lazy day. Ben and I had a rough night and spent too long up and down to the toilet. At 2am the cooker alarm starting going off so that was a heart attack moment. Some kid must have been playing with it.

We woke up to the distinctive sound of the cat puking which pretty much set the day up. Ben’s convinced he’s bringing germs back from the nursing home next door.

Ben stayed in bed and I fed kids. They were not even bothered about the TV and were playing nicely. By mid morning I had to lie down so Ben and I layed listening to the kids drag all the dress up out.

After lunch charlie wanted to paint a Captain Man logo so we did that. Then he did PE to burn some energy off before we all sat together on the couch watching pitch perfect, Tangled and Cindrella. Rowan stayed in pjs till bath time and Charlie was his standard half naked self.

I’m hoping Ben and I just have some bug though seeing as we are on day 14 of self isolating it’s a strange one. Hoping tomorrow we all are feeling better.

Day 13. Peace.

Day 13
Today was a quiet day which was very much needed. I’ve got a really rotten cough and sore throat I woke up feeling really energised but by 2pm that had vanished. We tried to implement a touch of routine for Charlie as without it he crumbles.
So they did yoga first thing, half naked yoga for Rowan. They took a vote and have decided that PE with Jo Wicks is too hard and they much prefer being chilled. The yoga story was about a butterfly and they really enjoyed it so thats something.
Its day 3 of my sour dough starter and its starting to bubble which is a good sign but we are having trouble sourcing flour so have to be careful what we use.
I had a bunch of tired veg, leeks and celery so we made a batch of leek and potato soup. On Sundays I make a batch of soup for my lunches but the kids dont usually eat it. I blended it and added a touch of cream and they ate it all up with bread and butter. I was shocked.
The kids picked a teddy to put in the window for the bear hunt and coloured in postman pat.
Ben’s mum dropped off some goods at the back gate so it was nice to wave at her and have a brief chat from a distance.
Kids finished their fabric flower mosaics and now I’ve got to figure out what to do with them.
They had a teddy bears picnic with Ro’s tea set and played nicely. After that we we watched Frozen at which point Rowan fell asleep. Ben has been ill in bed all day with a headache so that just left Charlie and I. We did lots of reading, colouring and some homework and he was a little angel.
My friend Emma is a Usborne and Body Shop rep and our delivery came today. Charlie is loving his new books and I’m hoping he learns all the names of the different dinosaurs. I’m enjoying the body butter too! It’s my favourite, coconut.
Rowan slept for four hours and it is the second day she has taken a log nap. I’m keeping an eye on that.
My Dr rang me back after I did an online consult. They are concerned my cough could be a chest infection so they sent antibiotics however I am to monitor it. If it gets worse I am to ring 111. I still dont think it is the virus but Dr said no way of knowing one way or the other.
I fed the kids ramen noodles and a cheese sandwich for dinner and it was the best apparently haha.
If we could have more days like today with less shouting and more peace that would be good but we’re just going to have to wait and see.

Day 12. Kids eh?

Day 12.
Charlie was so evil today I should have named him Damian. Pure satan spawn. I know hes tired and confused, it’s all getting to much for him and it shows. He had about 10 mental breakdowns and a couple of screaming fits. His most used phrases were I hate you and you’re so mean to me. So yea 4 year olds, it’s like he knows Ben and I are in a weakened state so he ups the anti. Charlie’s ensemble today had a German lederhosen element too or which was amusing.

Hes in bed now with Ben and Rowan is up eating a yogurt and singing baby shark, she had a super long nap when we watched Star Wars so wont be down for an age.
We actually all slept in until 8am but I think that’s the clocks changing! We made strawberry jelly with peaches in just like my Mum or as Charlie says, like Grannie and Beanie (her dog) used to make.
We also made a banana bread and a loaf of wholemeal bread. I realised to late that I was using my 1lb loaf tin for the banana so had o use the 2lb loaf tin for the bread. Mistake. The poor thing is long and thin but hey its edible.
There was such a cold bite to the wind that the kids didnt went to go outside. I cooked a massive piece of gammon for roast dinner and none of us ate it. I think we are all feeling under the weather a touch. I don’t think its the virus but more we are all run down but all of us are lethargic. It’s almost an anemic feeling like we need more iron and sunshine.
Kids helped do some hoovering and the cats were on top amusement form today, sleeping in every available sunny spot. I’m a tad worried about Old Man Munchies as hes been staying in more and sleeping but he is 14 and likes peace and quiet so hope it’s just that.
Tomorrow is Monday so going to try and get the kiddos into some kind of routine. Wish me luck

Day 11. Saturday vibes

Day 11
Today kind of felt like a Saturday. I woke up to Rowan having a teddy bears picnic with the cats. They were sat between Ben and I in bed, just chatting. Charlie coaxed her downstairs with a promise of stolen cake. I got to stay in bed till 9 and Ben got up with the kids. He had an emergency plumbing job so left when I got up. He walked with tools in a backpack, wiped it all down and wore gloves. He wasnt gone long but stressful.

We had them move their toys from a sink In the garden so we could slab underneath. How Ben and I are going to move that sink, I dont know. Him and his Dad put it there.
The kids made a ramp which amused them for ages.

At 11am Charlie said Mum can we have breakfast now and thats when I realised Ben didnt feed them!

We took them for a walk round the block, maybe 10 mins. First, kids touch everything, pick up any scrap or suspected treasure, we don’t have enough hand gel for that! Second, it’s the twilight zone out there, empty,, quiet, strange. A few people walking, you eye each other up seeing which will cross the road first.

Charlie did the first day of the Lego challenge and created a rollercoaster, but mainly the train. It’s already been taken apart. Ben has days at Christmas building lego and it never makes it to New Years.

I did day 1 of a sour dough starter, Chris sent me his recipe and is walking me through it. I dont have as much flour as I thought.
We have basically run out of meat which would be the weeks ahead meals. I’m going to use my freezer stores and have a slot for tesco next saturday so might recoup some then. I got a veg box last week so good for fresh this week but now box prices have gone up and delivery is limited. Ben could go shop but we are loathe too, going to keep looking locally.

Made spag bol for dinner and Charlie ate it all. Hes been a bit emotional today and quick to breakdown so hope he sleeps well tonight.

Charlie went to sleep, Rowan has just gone down. Now shes starting to talk more her demands are shouted out instead of acted out. Shes a child who knows exactly what she wants and god forbid you make any decision for her from juice to clothes to doing her zip up or opening a door, she has it, she’s good!
Rowan was down here 8pm at night making a slide for her baby and then dressing them up!
Ben and I now watching a movie with Mozart in the title. I can’t remember what.

Day 10 the lights still shine

Day 10.
Honestly at this point it feels like I haven’t left my house since christmas. Saying that though I’m not even sure what day, month or even what time it is. All the days have merged into one endless sequence akin to Groundhog day yet there’s no Bill Murray offering light relief.

Now our PM has it I fear the next two weeks cases will start popping up everywhere and before we know it, we’ll be the next Italy but enough of the dread.

Kids up at 7ish so not too bad. We made eggy bread and were happy but loud. They have dismantled the box which was a car and now it rests across my rug. We tried to rally the troops up and out into the garden. Ben got the skittles, hoops and that sticky ball thing you try to catch on a fuzzy disk. By the time I had finished tidying up they were bored and done with it so that was a failure. There were no injuries from that ball so thats a bonus.

Laundry drying on the line is such a welcome sight and its saving us electric.

I took the kitten for a walk in the garden and she seems to be getting used to the harness. I jokingly called it a torture device once and now Charlie keeps asking are you going to put the torture on the cat. He’s got a memory like an elephant that kid, can even remember the zoo on his 2nd birthday.

In the afternoon we made cupcakes, raisin and lemon. I remember making raisin ones with my mum and they were my favourite, Rowan ate about three and didnt ask for sweeties so thats a plus! They actually paid attention the whole time and Charlie is really good at cracking eggs into a bowl. We filled the lemon ones with curd and topped with buttercream and they are Charlie’s favourites.

I had to pop shop to get milk, I have a bargain booze 2 doors away from my house. I wore a scarf, wiped everything and stayed away from the 2 people in there. Hopefully that’s enough! The main thing we go through is milk. I haven’t had to make bread yet but that day is nearly upon us.

The usually fashion parade took place this time with lots of baby shark being sang.
We did have one incident when Charlie choked on a baked bean with his dinner. The poor little dude was hysterical and crying for calpol, I think he scared himself. We only have one bottle of the stuff so trying to ration it but he had such a coughing fit it felt right to let him have it
Kids were brilliant today except when it came to bed time. One whole hour! Every distraction possible, I need water, my rabbit teddy, my dog teddy, I need a pooh, a night light and so on. We cracked it in the end, maybe they will lie in tomorrow? Ha

Ben has had a bad stomach today and I’ve had a sore throat which is just getting worse but at this point I just think we are run down and stressed out. Now time for a honey and lemon, perhaps a full hot toddy.

In the garden our lights are shining and the stars are out, it’s a lovely clear night.

Day 9 change it up

Day 9.
The clocks better change so dawn comes one hour later. By 7 it’s too bright to lay in bed. Charlie made sure of that by shouting from under a blanket on the couch, Hello I need an adult, Helllllllooo come and turn the TV on. Having to hide the remote is starting to have drawbacks.

He’s been working on a sea creature puzzle which has no edges and is random shapes. We’ve helped him twice and now hes cracked it. I’ve tripped over it twice today.
The kids have been playing with a box, according to Rowan its Barbies car but Charlie says it’s a race car. He has made several alterations and used a whole, I kid you not, roll of sellotape.

We tried to change things up today. Eggs in bread for breakfast instead of cereal, tortellini for lunch instead of sarnies.

We spent a lot of the morning in the garden planting seeds. Ben and I dont actually know what we are doing, the amalgamation of our knowledge will hopefully steer us through. We planted potatoes in big tubs and a mix of seeds in the mino green house. These include lettuce, peas and squash and a whole host of things. I’ve set up my eggs to for single plants. It might be too cold or too early but gonna give it a go.

We painted my Grandads egg rack and put in on the wall and then used the rest on our garden table. Purple of course! We’re now debating whether we have hung the egg rack upside down?

I must have been misguided this afternoon as I decided to crack out my at home wax kit. I suffer from pcos which includes as my mother would say, whiskers, or as Charlie would say, a beard. I decided to tackle it today. Two weeks ago I had a filling without pain relief and thought I could take on the world. I was wrong.
Usually, I get my sister Leah to do it and if you know her you would realise it’s not the best idea. She spends the whole time laughing manically brandishing a wax stick. It’s a strange way to spend a Sunday.
Anyways, I found out two things today that doing it to yourself hurts more and also that I really need the aftercare cream or aloe vera. I’ve been meaning to get a plant.Too late now!
Ben was playing the floor has sharks at this point and that is how I used my half an hour peace. Rookie mistake.
I’ve written a list of jobs and a list of kids activities and we’ve not made a dent in it yet so still feeling prepared.

Day 8 A New Normal

Day 8.
It’s really starting to sink in now. This is it for the foreseeable future. At first it’s like easter has come early, kids off school and lazy days but there comes a point that’s not enough. We used to spend a lot of time out walking, often to the castle and the parks and we are missing it. Ben took them for a walk today and I had five minutes. Thankfully, we have a garden, I feel for the parents without one.

My kids are running for full pelt for 13 hours and Charlie is on all day, there is barely a pause, even TV isnt working.
Its tiring too. All the uncertainty, I’m up from around 5, kids up before 7 which is earlier than I’ve ever had to wake them. They both love to sleep and love a lay in Not anymore.

Charlie’s figured out YouTube on the TV and is watching some brat called Ryan playing with product placement toys! We have had to ban it! Charlie copies everything he hears and Rowan copies him so that’s amusing.

Ben got up early and braved the chemist. He had to wait over 40 minutes in a long que and answer questions at the door, he wasnt allowed in, they meds were brought to the door. He said it was very surreal and a lot of older people were standing for a long time too. He doesn’t want to go back out.

Kids did yoga, built a greenhouse, helped with the tea loaf and did worksheets. Charlie also helped sand a table for painting and was using his leapfrog. On one hand they want structure on the other they are crying about wanting to go school. Charlie is pretty switched on he knows it’s a bug, to keep clean and that we are on lockdown but he forgets and wants to know what day it is and if it’s a school night. I’m still feeling postive we can weather the children and life. There are so many laughs in between the shouting that it kind of evens out.


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